Holographic Music Installation

Holographic Music Installation

A passion for creating narrative worlds...

DIE ORPHEUSMASCHINE as a holographic music installation was on exhibit at Gallery JUBG in Cologne in July/August 2022.


  • score by Michael Wertmüller composes 5 ensembles that are linked 5 groups of element groups of graphics by Albert Oehlen.
  • all five 3D elements are projected as holographic three-dimensional sculptures
  • 11 individual drawings are presented on the walls of the gallery at a position of a speaker that plays the sound linked with its visual.
  • moving through the gallery, visitors get a changing musical and visual-spatial impression with each step, creating an immersive individual experience, connecting the viewer to composition, space and projections.
  • in a central area of the space a holo-gaze is stretched to project the holographic sculptures.
  • the duration of the performance is approximately 11 minutes. After 30 second pause, the loop starts again.

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This holographic music installation can be adapted to exhibition spaces varied in size, acoustic and architecture.

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